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Well, it took all day but I I did it. Managed to make a HD video into 4 10 MB files. The 4th file has a lower frame rate, for some reason the audio was out of sync, so I lowered the frame rate, its still a tiny bit out of sync in some places, but for the most part, its good!

The render problem

2011-03-03 22:06:12 by HallucinationLand

Having trouble rendering my stuff to 10 MB or under, don't know how long this will take...

Made my first video with youtube HD in mind, after I did that I remembered about newgrounds and how many awesome cartoon series came from here, so I wanted to post my stuff here as well. I ran into a problem when I seen the 10 MB limit. Slowly but surely I'm making the file smaller and smaller without losing too much quality... Tough not used to it.